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    Welcome to CS Priyal Pathak

    Your one stop Destination for ALL Corporate Compliances!
    Company Law
    Labour Laws
    Service Tax/VAT
    Tax Planning & Management
    Accounting & Payrolls

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    Don't have time to keep track of the Legal Compliance calendar?

    At Priyal Pathak & Co. we customize a Legal Compliance Calendar chart exclusively for your organisation which shall include ALL compliances applicable to your organisation and make sure to complete all things in no time!
    Corporate Governance Made Easy!


M/S Priyal Pathak & Co is a professionally managed Practising Company Secretary Firm located at Pune. We are known to provide Services to small, Medium and Big sector Companies all over India. We spare no efforts to deliver high standard services to our clients and believe in the principal of Due Diligence and timely-Compliance.

We pride ourselves in establishing a single forum wherein we deliver various Secretarial, Corporate, Legal, Accounting and Taxation services all under one umbrella. Out Motto is to take the responsibility of completing Corporate Compliances off our clients' hands and let them have the time to focus on their core Business.

Why Choose Us?

  • All Corporate Compliances under One Roof which can be a cost-benefit alternative to your current structure of appointing numerous consultants for various Corporate Compliances!
  • We prepare Exclusive Corporate Compliance Calendar applicable to your Company.
  • Not only that! We track and complete all the compliances without any hassel to you!
  • We are known to deliver high quality services to our clients.
IMPORTANT DATES: *E-Payment of Service Tax for the Month of September for Companies and Quarter ending for others: 06/10/2016 * Submission of Forms received in September to IT Commissioner * Payment of TDS/TCS Collected/deducted in September: 07/10/2016* Excise Return for Non-SSI Assessees for September: 10/10/2016* Excise Return for EOUs for September: 10/10/2016* Submission of Excise return for September quarter by SSI units : 10/10/2016* TCS Return by all Deductors: 15/10/2016* E-Payment of PF for September: 15/10/2016* E-Filing TAX Audit Report * E-filing IT Return by Individuals, Firms, HUF, Companies, AOPs, Trusts: 17/10/2016 * E-payment for ESI for September: 21/10/2016 * Payment of MVAT & WCT TDS for September: 21/10/2016 * Submission of MVAT return for September: 21/10/2016 * Filing of Half yearly Service Tax Return: 25/10/2016 *Filing of Financial Statements with ROC by Companies: 30/10/2016* Payment and Monthly return of Maharashtra PT (Annual Liability 50000 or more): 31/10/2016 * TDS Return for September Quarter by all Deductors: 31/10/2016 *