MCA Update: Publication of Name by company

Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide notification G.S.R 743(E) dated 27th July,2016 has amended the rule No. 26 of  Companies (Incorporation) Rules,2014 dealing with Publication of Name by Company and thereby replacing the old rule completely.

The New Rule 26:

“(1) Every company which has a website for conducting online business or otherwise, shall disclose/publish its name, address of its registered office, the Corporate Identification Number, Telephone Number, fax number if any, email and the name of the person who may be contacted in case of any queries or grievances on the landing/home page of the said website.

(2) The Central Government may as and when required, notify the other documents on which the name of the company shall be printed.”

Now, Let us analyse what this new rule means for us.

Who is required to publish name of Company on its Website?
  1. A company engaged in online business and
  2. A company having official business website
What to publish or disclose on the Company website?
  1. Company Name
  2. Registered Office address of company
  3. CIN of company
  4. Telephone and Fax Number
  5. Email id of Company
  6. Name of Contact Person in case of queries
Where to add or publish these details on website?

On the Landing/Home page of the company website.

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