What is Digital Signature Certificate and how to register DSC on MCA?

The first step for any person intending to become a director and any professional or Authorised Person planning to file company related forms on the website of MCA is required to obtain a DSC. Merely possessing of DSC is not enough; Once you have acquired DSC from certifying Authorities then the next step is to inform MCA about the DSC’s identification i.e Registration or register DSC on MCA. Now, lets understand the procedure in detail:

1.What is Digital Signature Certificate?

Every person aspiring to become director of Company needs to have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). In simple words Digital signature Certificate serves exact same purpose as physical signature of a person. Since Company related documents are filed with government authorities in electronic form; they are also required to be signed digitally by using DSC. A valid Digital Signature Certificate obtained from certified Authorities represents the owners’ identification and his capability to sign documents digitally.

2.What is the Process of obtaining Digital Signature Certificate?

If you have a consultant like Company Secretary or Chartered Accountant; then they can assist you in obtaining DSC. Otherwise; you can directly approach offices of MCA Certifying Authorities to get DSC.

3.What are the MCA Certified Authorities?

Certified Authorities are agencies holding License to issue Digital Signature Certificates. MCA accepts DSC from following Certifying Agencies:

4.What are the Documents required for obtaining DSC?

  • Self Certified PAN Copy
  • Self Certified Address Proof
  • Digital Signature Certificate Form of certified Authority duly filled in and signed by applicant along with an across the photo sign.
  • Submit the form along with documents, necessary fee to Certified Authorities and obtain valid digital signature certificate token.

5.What is the cost of purchasing DSC?

The Cost may vary from city to city and from one vendor to another. You can find standard DSC Cost here!

6.What is the Validity of DSC?

DSC like DIN is not valid for life. Once purchased; it can be used for a limited period of time. It can be One year or Two years and once that time period is expired user has to purchase the DSC again.

To know more about obtaining of Digital Signature Certificate please go to the FAQs on Digital Signature Certificates.


The process of Registration of DSC is fairly simple. Every user intending to file DSC signed forms is mandatorily required to register his DSC on MCA. Registration is nothing but letting MCA know the identity details of a particular Signature Certificate holder. MCA confirms the identity details of User DSC with Income tax Pan Base and in case of Professional DSC Registration then details are also confirmed with respective Institute’s Details.

Following is the Process of DSC Registration on MCA:

STEP 1: Open Internet Explorer and Go to http://www.mca.gov.in/mcafoportal/showAssociateDSC.do to register or associate DSC.

STEP 2: Attach the DSC Token to your Computer.

STEP 3: Select the Appropriate Role of User for whom DSC is to be registered.

In case of Director: DIN based details are to be provided.

If Manager/Secretary and Authorised Representative: PAN Based Details will be needed.

If Professional: Institute and Membership & C.P Details will be required.

STEP 4: Enter all the requisite details in the boxes. In case of Director; for Mother’s Maiden Name (if not available) you can enter Director’s Surname.

STEP 5: Click Next. An error message may appear saying “ You have already registered your DSC as a director against entered DIN. Do you want to update your DSC?” Just click on the button Yes.

STEP 6: JAVA Applet Security warning box will appear asking for confirmation of running the application. Tick the I accept the risk box and Click button Run.

STEP 7: In the next screen you will be asked to enter User e-mail id and Select the certificate. After Clicking Select Certificate; a box will appear; in that select your User DSC and click Ok.

STEP 8: Tick the accept box and submit request. A congratulatory message will be displayed. You have successfully registered DSC now.

For understanding the nitty gritties of the process; please read the FAQs on Register Digital Signature Certificate

Having any difficulties in registering DSC on MCA? Let me know and I will help you.


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