June 5, 2016

Other Services

(1) XBRL Filing of Forms:

The Firm has implemented necessary infrastructure to carry out XBRL filing for eligible Companies. We have Requisite Software, Information Technology Support and knowledgeable staff.

Nature of Services we perform are 1. Date Entry, 2. Conversion to Template, Validation & Pre-scrutiny, 3. Certification and Filing of Forms.

We provide XBRL services completed upto point no. 2 to other Professional Firms as well.

(2) Drafting of Agreements, Agreement Vetting & Legal Matters:

We offer wide range of services in the field of Drafting and Vetting of Agreements. which includes:

  • Drafting/vetting of Commercial Agreements executed/to be executed in India and Outside India.
  • Drafting/vetting of foreign Collaboration/ Joint-Venture/ Technology Transfer Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, partnership Deeds etc.
  • Drafting of Mortgage documents, Lease Agreement, Employment Agreements, Conveyance Deeds and such other form of Agreements.
  • Providing of Legal opinion on various Legal Matters.

(3) Accounting Services:

  • Designing, Developing and Implementation of Accounting Manuals
  • Calculation, deduction & payment of statutory compliances like TDS, FBT, advance tax, professional tax, PF-ESIC etc.
  • Payroll Processing
  • Advise on various Accounting Matters

(4) Representation and obtaining Approvals Before various Government /Regulatory Authorities 

(5) Obtaining Industry Specific Licenses