June 5, 2016

Legal, Secretarial And Tax Compliances



    • Filing of Financial Statements & Annual returns with the Registrar of Companies.

    • Preparation and filing of various Forms, returns, XBRL returns from time to time.

    • Conducting of Meetings of Board, Shareholders, Debenture holders and Creditors of the Company.

    • Conducting of Secretarial Audit

    • Carrying out an Industrial Audit.

    • Advising on Corporate Social Responsibility, Inter-Corporate Borrowings, Related Party Transactions and such other crucial matters under Companies Act, 2013.

    • Advising and devising proper strategies for Mergers/ Amalgamations/ Takeovers/ Acquisition/ Reconstruction/ Winding up of Companies.

    • Closing of Inactive or Dormant Companies under the scheme of “Fast Track Exit”.

    • Acquiring the status of Dormant Company.

    • Changing the name and/or object of company.

    • Creation, modification and satisfaction of Charges.

    • Handling compliances relating to change in Composition of Board of Directors of the Company including Appointment/ resignation/ removal/ death/ disqualification under section 184 of Director, Additional Director, Managing Director, Whole-time Director, Alternate Director, and Nominee Director.

    • Altering the Authorized Capital and paid up capital of the Company.

    • Further Issue and allotment of shares and complying with related matters.

    • Executing transfer of Shares between Indians, NRIs and Foreign Individuals as well as Body Corporate.

    • Changing the registered office of Company within the same city, from one city to another within same state and one state to another.

    • Maintenance of Minutes books, statutory registers and such other secretarial records.

    • Conducting of all routine and non-routine nature compliances under the Companies Act, 2013.

  • Providing certifications wherever required.


  • Loan documentation , Project Report and providing of search report and Status report; filing of registration/modification/satisfaction of charges with ROC.
  • Providing of Due Diligence report to Banks as per the guidelines of RBI.
  • Advising on raising of funds through issue of shares/debentures/deposits etc. 
  • Listing & De-listing of securities with recognised Stock Exchanges. 
  • Private Placement of Securities/Buy back of shares. 
  • Liasoning with Banks & financial Institutions and providing them Search reports and other allied services.


  • Advising on legal and procedural matters coming under FEMA.

  • Getting necessary approvals under FEMA and FIPB and filing required returns thereunder.
  • Establishing of Wholly Owned Subsidiaries/Joint Ventures/Branch Offices in India.
  • Advising on Foreign Collaborations and joint ventures/wholly owned subsidiaries abroad. 




  • Filing of Monthly ECR Return.
  • Registration of employees for PF and Generation of UAN no of Employees.
  • Allotment of UAN no to Employees and KYC Seeding.
  • Initiating and tracking Transfer claims of Employees.
  • Approving Claims/returns/KYC using DSC.
  • Maintenance of statutory registers under the Act.
  • Consultation on related matters.


  • Filing of Monthly Contribution report.
  • Registration of Employees for ESIC and Generation of New Employees’ Temporary Identity Cards and Medical Cards.
  • Consultation to employees on procedure relating to availing Pehchan Card.
  • Consultation on related matters.
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and accident book.


 We provide assistance in registrations, renewals, filing reports/returns, appearing before        Government Authorities on behalf of Clients and consultation on related matters.



We prepare and file Application form along with requisite documents to Development Commissioner, engage in follow-up with the Office of the DC regarding application status, Obtain LOP from DC, and Submit Bond cum Legal Undertaking (BLUT) with DC. We also undertake filing of various returns/reports required, advising on aided matters.


    • Computation and payment of Service Tax and VAT.
    • Filing of periodic returns under Service Tax and VAT and doing allied compliances.
    • Computation of Monthly TDS and depositing the same electronically or manually.
    • Filing of periodical Professional Tax and TDS Returns.
    • Filing of Income Tax returns of Company, Directors, Partnership Firms, Organisations, Salaried Professionals and Businessmen.
    • Appearing before various Government Authorities on behalf of Clients.
    • Advising on Tax Planning and Tax Management
    • Consultancy on other Tax related matters.


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